"Take control and set a goal before you get too old"


2005 Mitsubishi Van

This Travel blog is going to document my journey in fulfilling a long long dream of traveling and living in a van.  I hope to start my journey in 2019 (1 year around Australia).  A little about myself, I am 53 years of age and married to a caring wife who is going to take the journey with me and our furry friend, Rusty.

I have named the Van Bucky, as living in a van was part of my bucket list.  In this blog I hope to share, my successes and failures, and keep it here for historical use.  So when I am in my nursing home, I can look back and say, "I launched the boat rather then staying on shore and watching the other boats sailing on the waters of Freedom."  I hope you are encouraged to Launch.  We are launching another Adventure this time with a LDV Deliver 9 Van using the experience I gained in Bucky One Van to create a suitable a Reborn Bucky Van with what is needed for off-grid living on the road.  2022 will be a good year.



Turn the Key I'm Outa Here

Where to Next?

2019 Build

LDV Deliver 9 Van

2021 Build

Bucky Van 2 

Ldv 9-High Roof LWB_edited.jpg

After building Bucky the Van and seeing if we  enjoyed doing the Big Lap it was decide we do like this nomadic lifestyle.  So we sold Bucky for what we bought him for (inc build costs) and it  is now  time to do another Van Build.  We are going to make more of a lifestyle choice of live your later life now, doing odd work here then there.  Join us as we begin a new adventure