2005 Mitsubishi Walk Thru

This Travel blog is going to document my journey in fulfilling a long long dream of traveling and living in a van.  I hope to start my journey in 2019 (1 year around Australia).  A little about myself, I am 53 years of age and married to a caring wife who is going to take the journey with me and our furry friend, Rusty.

I have named the Van Bucky, as living in a van was part of my bucket list.  In this blog I hope to share, my successes and failures, and keep it here for historical use.  So when I am in my nursing home, I can look back and say, "I launched the boat rather then staying on shore and watching the other boats sailing on the waters of Freedom."  I hope you are encouraged to Launch - JUST DO IT -

Turn the Key I'm Outa Here

Where to Next?

"Take control and set a goal before you get too old"