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July 2022 Week 2

This week is my last week at work.  

Today I tried to pre-plan what I will need in the van.

I got my coffee machine from work and cleaned out the porta-potti.  

I worked an extra day to help pay for diesel.  The present price is $2.30 per litre so we will most likely need to travel slower.  Which is a better idea.  As rather then spending 1 day at a place we may stay 3.  I have Long Service Money coming in so that should cover the fuel and some food. 


Will still look for work on the road should it reveal itself.

I am also wondering where to put my small guitar as may use it to sing at various shopping malls.  Will place guitar underneath the bed.


I put a song to the old Bucky the Van that a follower gave to me when here used the lyrics from my poem for his music.  I have a new goal of developing some content creation skills.  Practice makes better.  As you can never be perfect.  I hope you like it.  Its called Vanlife 4 Me

Click Here to listen to song

The Guitar


This is a smaller guitar I bought in Melbourne on my Last Van Trip

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