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October 2022
Week 5


Travelled to Melbourne  passing rolling green hills in order to get to Clinton’s, an old friend from W.A. who lives in Melbourne
He offered us to stay in a comfy 4-bedroom house in Cranborne for as long as we wanted..  So, without hesitation we moved our Dona and towels into the house and had a beautiful hot shower and a lovely curry meal.

During our time in Melbourne, we visited the local shopping centres, RSL Clubs and waterfront and caught up with other friends we meet last year and was spoilt rotten again with authentic Indian food.  

We also ate out at the best Indian restaurant in the area a place called,  Maasla Dosa, we had the Masala Dosa, which is a potato curry substance in a crisply wrap..
Sara got to finally to the pickup stage with “Peanut” a Tenterfield terrier who lives in Cranbourne and as a dog lover visited this friends house frequently.  Even staying over one night on her own.  
Melbourne was wet and cold but as we were inside the house, we didn’t feel the weather too much. 
It seems our host has a few animals he cares for and has a Mexican walking fish and an injured pigeon (Boxell) that he is nursing back to health.  It was interesting to see how quickly the bird got its energy back.   
I had to repair the Van bed as a bolt inside the frame had rattled lose.  I took the frame off and silicon the nut so it would not rattle off again.  It is good that I know how the Van was build as I knew exactly what needed to be done to fix it.  
We also watch a few Netflix movies and had a few nights at home to rest up before we continue our country trip towards SA.



House in Cranbourne


Clinton offers us use of his 4 Bedroom Home

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