July 2022 Week 4

This week worked on flooring in Study and setting up Dog camera for Rusty in order to see him.  He is quite old and spends most of his days in bed.  He is also very gentle on his feet and constantly going outside for toilet breaks.  Not sure if he will see Christmas, so will need to have the put to sleep talk with children. 


Tidying up the Garage after the Van Build as its very disorganised.  This shelving was placed in the garage for the build as its important to work as close to the Van for the more efficient use of time.  As you will find yourself constantly going back and forth for cuts and tools.

Will spend a few days in Bucky in driveway to see what I need and pretend I am at a free camp.  In order to see what I have forgotten to take.  Such as towels, detergent, toilet paper etc....  I definitely need two pillows.

Put lights back in to front of Van as its important to have viewing light if Sara needs to read a map.

Ordered NightOwl Cleaning Service Magnetic Signs x 4 from Vistacards.  They cost $145 should allow some easier stealth camping when needed.  Such as near shopping or office complex

Rusty staying home this Van Trip


Old Rusty spending his twilight years in Bed

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