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October 2022
Week 4


Cheese tasting today.  Went to Bodalla cheese factory and Bega cheese factory.  Then after our fill we travelled to Candelo free camp within the town.  Sara spoke to the couple who parked in a van next to us for hours. 

Next morning we travelled to Eden and had a free hot shower in the port area and watch whales breeching from the cliff top lookout.  We then travelled to scout out Genova free camp across the Victorian border.  This place is a little oasis in the middle of nowhere with lovely green lawns.  So we decided to visit Gipsi first.  It is here we meet a strange joey that looked hangover.  So we got nearer to see if he was O.K.  He hopped off.  Further up the road he popped out of the bush and stared at us.  We looked around and then saw his siblings and Mother and Daddy Buck Kangaroo.  We decided it was best to power walk the rest of the way to the Van.

We meet Jemma a eldery lady who was a scientist and a couple who's farm may of been flooded.  We spent two nights here and on the second night shared a fire with the younger couple.  In the morning we travelled to Cann River and as the free showers where cold had one in the van.  This free camp was an abandon Caravan site.  We travelled to Orbost and meet Sunny near a campsite on the snowy river.  I played the guitar and we did a show and tell with our vans.  We then travelled to Lakes Entrance and found a free camp behind a hotel.  We walked next to the Kalimma Jetty and the following day did another walk here in the morning.  We then travelled to Johnsville where we found a free untimed hot shower and a beautiful BBQ area to make eggs on toast.  We continued to Bairnsdale and looked at a paintings on the ceiling then onto Sale RSL for free coffee and biscuits with the pokies.

We then travelled to 90 Mile beach to sleep the night.  This place was wild wilderness with a strong gusty wind and raging ocean on the beach.  The next morning we noticed swarms of mozzies so we travelled back to Sale and watch some German Shepherds being trained.  We then travelled to Port Albert to spend the night right on the Port (Yes free camp too).  We did a few walks and played Canasta.  Sara won.



Candelo Free Camp


A spooky site in town and 8 Toilets

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