July 2022 Week 3

Putting the house and Van in Order.

This week is spent gardening and painting and other renovation work.  Need to get the  house in order before we leave our adult children and the dogs.  

I needed to put a hole in the lounge chairs in Bucky as it was difficult lifting the seats to get to our clothing.  I used a jigsaw to cut the hole and added hinges for the new door.   I also may use a metal strip as a latch to get it to lock in place.  Will use a small hole for the handle of door as you don't want your legs bumping on the handle.  

So looks like the build continues.  LOL.

Took trip down to Mandurah to visit parents and played Canasta, We camped in Driveway. Also driveway camping at home to get use to living in the Van. Tested water-bottle making ability with 1000watt Kettle (Success).   Uses up about 1 percent of the batteries.


Repositioned Router and Homebase camera's to safer

and more secure position.  Tested google nest (Working)  


Putting Seats with Gazebo in overhead cabin area.  Got guitar near rear doors as a little space available there.

Will try and do a short trip on Week 1 in August

Under Seat Storage


Jigsaw a hole and used offcut for door.

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