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October 2022
Week 2


Early in the morning we made our way to Tuggerah Lakes.  First stop was a BP station where Sara asked for the keys for the showers.  At Tuggerah Lakes Sara went to the Hairdresser while I explored the wharf and shaved my beard off in the Van.  We then made our way to my brothers place and chatted about his collection of soldiers.  We also walked along the Lake, which we continued to do every day while staying here.  For the next few days we relaxed, ate some home cooked meals and was shown the sights (The Entrance, Tuggerah Shops and Soldiers Beach).  We played Ticket to ride and ended up buying the European version which I gladly won by a whisker.  Was good to get a win after my brother showed his Pinball Wizard skills at his gym location 25 million to our 4 million.  Beating both me and his son Riley. Also visited Jeanette for lunch and I think her partner liked the Van as could see himself and Jeanette in it.  The weather turned bad, and we stopped via the RSL Ourimbah before making our way back to brothers places.  Lots of flooded roads, phew. Decided it was time to chase the Sun.  Left for Canberra and slept at a spooky place near Goulburn.  We decided to drive around Goulburn at 3am in the morning before finding another place near a lake just outside of Canberra for a few hours of rest.

Free Camp Misty Morning

1 A Misty Morning.JPG

Free Campsite Just outside of Newcastle


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