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Bucky Diary Feb 2019

Our Van called Bucky started his adventure with a quick little run down to Mandurah.

This is a solo trip with Bucky to get use to sorting the gear inside and outside of the van and to identify an efficient routine. 

I found out that I needed a laundry basket and will use hooks for rubbish.  So have now made the appropriate modifications. 

This will be the first of many test runs for Bucky.

Bucky liked the cool breeze and the estuary outlook.  And he enjoyed watching me catch my qouta of crabs which were kindly cooked by my mother.

He starts the journey with 230597 Kms on the clock and I hope he will reach 250,000 Km without any issues.

Week One



Entertainment Mode and GPS Mode (Lenovo Tablet)


Bucky Adventure Fun Facts

Distance Traveled  0065 Kms

Money Spent $176.00

Total Money Spent so far: $176.00

Best Place for the week:

-Mandurah on the Foreshore, at Parents Place.

-Caught some Blue Manna Crabs from the Jetty.


Data Communication: $20 Per week

Petrol: $56

Food: $100

Accomodation: $ Nil

Where is Bucky?

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