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Bucky Diary April 2019


Bucky the Van drives into the Wilderness of Tasmania (West Side).  First stop Derby,, a beautiful old fashioned town, known for its numerous mountain bike tracks graded from easy to extreme! We found a free camp site located on the river, which included new toilets and $4 shower facilities. We went for a lovely walk on a bike track around a lake  (careful to avoid mountain bike riders).. Found out Rusty doesn't like metal floors as he refused to cross the suspension bridge over the river. Sara had to carry him over! 

Next day we drove to Scottsdale, on the way we came across a town called Legerwood,, which had a memorial park full of amazing wood statues and carvings, bbq facilities, toilets and a tourist shop.  Rod made fried eggs with rye toast on the bbq. We continued on to Scottsdale where we found a free campsite surrounded by beautiful gardens, wood bridge and lots of walking tracks.  Took Rusty for a walk where he spotted a wallaby and wanted to chase it - the hunter dog in him coming out!  Waked into the town centre, up a very steep hill!  Went shopping at Woolworths, where Rod bought a memory foam pillow, as half price - bonus, as he was suffering from a sore neck. Slept well that night!

Woke early in the morning and went for a long walk on an old railway track.  We then travelled on to  Railton, which is known for its topiary trees.  Decided against staying there and travelled on to Sheffield.  Lots of towns in Tasmania named after English towns! Sheffield is known for its beautiful mural art.  Found a bbq in park next to the murals  Rod cooked up the fish he caught in St Helen's which we had with corn and mashed potatoes.  Found a free camp spot behind the Sheffield Hotel, (four other caravans) were there and we settled down for the night.

Next morning went to the Sheffield Information Centre where we had a $1 shower for 3mins. Looked at the amazing murals on the canvas boards.  Rod cooked up bacon and eggs for breakfast on the bbq.  Exercise time! We then went on a 45 minute circuit walk around Sheffield. 


Headed off to Burnie, along the way in Forth, Rod saw free pears on the side of the road, he helped himself to 6 pears (they were in a bucket)! They tasted like nashi pears, delicious. Stopped at town of Penguin, where Rod took a photo of himself with a statue of a Penguin!  Then onto Burnie, stayed at Somerset Caravan Park, where we had a whole grassed unpowered site to ourselves. It started to rain, so we settled in for the night watching Netflix.

Rod was itching to get onto the wilderness experience, So we left early for town of Strahan, stopping along the way at Tulley, for a walk and to make a quick coffee and have breakfast on the electric BBQs.   We also travelled a hilly and windy road to up to Montezumo Falls in Rosebery,  Then we then continued on to Strahan, to a free camp site along a 4WD track, which Bucky was able to handle with Rod's skilful driving!  Found a spot overlooking the ocean and surrounded by trees. Next to a vegan eco friendly couple also, travelling around Australia.  Had salmon, corn on the cob and zucchini for tea.  Fell asleep listening to the waves.  In the morning, we went for a walk along the gravel road and found another spot wth clearer views of the ocean and of Sarah Island.  We packed up and moved to that perfect spot.  We were able to park the van in the sun to power up the solar panels! Rod gathered wood and made a fire.  Cooked up potatoes, zucchini and corn on the cob! Watched an amazing sunset over the ocean and the full moonrise was also awesome.  Dug a hole for the Toilet so we would not have to when our hands are cold in the middle of the night.

Awoke early to a beautiful sunrise, a great start to the day.  Went into Strahan, and found a free hot shower in the centre of the town.  Walked into town and found a bakery where Sara had a cappuccino and apricot danish!  Went for a walk along the river and found a 50 min walk to a waterfall at the end of a long rainforest walk.  Then continued along the river for a long walk in the beautiful sunshine.  From here weTtravelled on to Queenstown, a mining town. we went to Caravan Park owned by a couple from Mt Richon in WA, who moved to Tassie 23 mths ago. Bathroom facilities are quaint and old fashioned, supplies bath mats and tissues. Kitchen had all the facilities needed.

Easter Sunday at Queenstown we decided to go to an Easter Service, it seemed the only Church that was open was the Anglican Church.  Luckily it was a lovely friendly and lively little group.  Shared a coffee and easter egg after the service and the pastor gave us two free pens.  Looked around Queenstown, sad history before heading off..  Along the way we stopped at a picnic spot where Rod cooked up a steak burger.for lunch.  Continued on and we came across a free camp spot at Brady's Lake overlooking the river.  A fire was still warm, so Rod was able stoke it up to a roaring fire as lots of wood was left over from previous campers..  


We awoke early after early morning rain and travelled on to Hamilton, where we found another camp spot along the river $5 p/n with $1 showers.  Rod cooked up breakfast and we then went along platypus walk, (didn't see any platypus) into town.  Not much here apart from 2 cafes, pub!.  But found a power socket in electric bbq are to write up this blog.  

Week 11 - Derby - Tasmania


Mountain bike tracks galore and Rusty refused to walk on bridge

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