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Bucky Diary April 2019 Week 12


Woke up early for toilet and shower but men's shower not working.  Such is the joy of free camping.  So had to use the girls shower.  Early so no one knew.  We quick drove to New Norfolk getting a $1 coffee at Coles Express a morning routine now.  Stopped by a fast flowing trout river and had my muesli breathing in the cool fresh air before our supply run (Coles Supermarket).  Rusty soaked up the sun in the van and I cooked breaky on the free electic BBQ.  After breakfast we walked a beautiful autumn leaf trail to get the muscles warmed up.  Rusty socialised with the local dogs in this town that had a strange atmosphere.  There is a huge abandon mental hospital in amongst tall trees.  We then drove to Kempton to find our next free camp.

Kempton charges $10 to use shower, but was free for us as today was not shower day.  In the morning we traveled to Hobart Casino for free coffee and $5 of poker machine entertainment.  We got the $10 Casino subsidised butter chicken dish to share and left at Lunchtime to travel to our favourite pitstop - Oatlands.  Got up early the next day to attend the Anzac Service and have a free rum and warm milk tottie at the local RSL. Was advised that the soldiers would attack just before dawn breaks.  Did the 7km walk around the bird lake (More black swans then Perth).  The next morning it was Pancakes and our daily bible reading (Audio) and a lazy day watching Netflixs.  

Early up next morning and a winding drive to the Armish Tearooms for Devonshire Tea (They did coffee for us).  Love the low tech way of life, but not for me as tech makes life easy.  On way back stopped at Myrtle Caravan Park for $14.  Great off lead area for Rusty to run amongst the red mushrooms.  The next morning we rushed off to the Country Club in Launcheston.  Free Coffee again and shared a cheap meal and another $5 of entertainment on the 1 cent pokies.  Then onto Pipers Brook.  A free Campsite and wine tasting spot.  So glad we camped (lol).

Week 12 - No Dogs?


Had to keep Rusty away from the temptation to cook.

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