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Bucky Diary

May 2019 Week 13


Bucky the Van drives into Evandale late at night, where you have to visit the council website to get a free permit number to camp.  Rusty keeped me up most of night wanting to go out every 1 hours to eat grass. In the morning we explored the area with gardens out of a magazine.  It was time to visit friends in Hobart so we travelled halfway across Tasmania via Campbelltown, banjo bakery, for toastie and coffee and then free camped at Oatlands again.

Early next morning went to Hobart Casino for free coffee and then to friends for a lovely hot shower and nice sleep under a roof where you can standup to get changed!

I spent this time cleaning Bucky out and organising our junk.  And enjoying a beautiful home cooked casserole.  We stayed a few days and traveled up Mt Wellington but foggy.  We saved three backpacker girls who were going to get soaked and unable to get an uber.  Took them back to their hotel as was raining.  Funny thing is I had just wrote on our white board in Van to practice kindness.

Watched Top End Wedding at the Cinema with Sara's friend and had a curry dinner.

Off to Devonport to a free camp outside the ferry depot.

Then early morning coffee at Macca and take Rusty to his new dog sitters in Melborne from Planet Shakers.

Week 13 - Piper Vineyard - Tasmania


Free Camping and Celebrating Life

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