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Bucky Diary

May 2019 Week 14


Bucky the Van spends a week in the Melbourne Airport carpark.  It was going to cost us $120 to catch an uber to the airport, so we decided to pay $98 to park the van at the airport.  Great thing there is camera surveillance and it's only 4 minutes from the airport via a free shuttle bus.  We left Rusty our dog with a lovely family we met through our friend Clinton.  They regularly sent us photos of him living in luxury and updated us on how he was doing!  He ended up sleeping on their bed!  Afraid he might not want to come back to 'van life!'

We arrived in Perth at 1:30am and after a little sleep Sara, Tayla,, Josh and I met David, Tsuya and Wayne (who had returned from a trip to Japan) caught the casino bus to surprise my Mum  on her 80th Birthday.  Also older brother Steve and his son Jack came over from Sydney. and Tayla's boyfriend Brandon. So lovely to have the  family altogether. We ate like a king at the Atrium Restaurant. Then went back to our place and played Mum's favourite card game 'May I' with the family to the early hours of the morning.

It was as so lovely to see the kids and family again and to be in our bed and to have long hot showers (no coins required)!

Sara caught up with her folks and niece Arabella for a day, which she loved.  We also spent a night in Mandurah at the folks and played a few games of  May I, which Sara won! We were also able to catch up with a few friends for a meal

On Tayla's birthday, went to breakfast at Duck Duck Bruce in Fremantle.  Lovely restaurant with great atmosphere and you can take your dog!

Mother's Day, Sara got coffee in bed and was thoroughly spoilt by Tayla and Josh.  The extended family went to sister in law's Celia's for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day, with a beautiful roast dinner.  

We changed the fly back time in order to celebrate our daughter Tayla's 23rd birthday and Mother's Day together.

A whirlwind short visit, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Week 14 - Perth - Western Australia


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