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Bucky Diary

May 2019 Week 15 


Bucky the Van spends a week in  Melbourne outside an Airbnb in Cranbourne that our friend (Clinton) provided for us.

We spent the time exploring this metropolitan city.  A cheap ticket into Melbourne to get some noodles and then at night we played Pokies at the Crown Casino.  We made a little bit that paid for the trip in and our meals.  So today was a free day. 

Was a little shocked to see drug implements in the toilet that I will not post as it would leave an ugly impression on your mind.  Just like you see on TV. 

But apart from that we enjoyed the effort shop owners put into their storefronts to entice people to part with their hard earn cash. 


We visited the big shopping centres and wondered aimlessly thinking of all the amendments we could introduce to our life.  I personally loved the hand puppet possum and the store owner quickly approached once I said he would make a good youtube puppet.  Just testing his movements I said.

We also spent a day down at Phillip Island and explored the beaches with Rusty close by.  Was nice to stretch and eat fish and chips in this scenic corner of Victoria.


Clintons friends cooked curries and we where well catered for by Clinton as he treated us like royalty.  Kindness and karma can come back.  But more so this is a believer living out his faith.

We visited the Laundromat and had some lazy days just exploring.  I also found a little gem on our backdoor -- Cranbourne Botanical Gardens --


Then Sara got the call to assist her Sister in Toowoomba so she took a plane on the weekend to Toowoomba. 


I spent another few days in Melbourne and fished with Clinton and attended the church service before picking up Rusty from his babysitters who had grown very attached to him. I t appears Rusty is a charmer. 


I left and did a load of washing and worked out my journey from Melbourne to Toowoomba with Free camps along the way.  Just me and Rusty now for the next 2 weeks.

Week 15 Melbourne 


Melbourne street wandering exiting subway as took train into city and left Bucky at outer suburb train station called Narre Warren.

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