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Bucky Diary

May 2019 Week 16 and 17 

Melbourne to Toowoomba

Week 16 -17 Trip to Toowoomba


My First night day on my own and Victoria weather ensures I have a good one.  Free Camp at Bass Valley Camping Ground.  Need my coffee

Bucky the Van begins the journey to Toowoomba (Queensland) to pickup Sara.

After driving for a couple of hours and with sleepyness closing in, it was time for my first free camp.  This night I followed a winding road that lead to a small site with a few campervans scattered around trees. I pulled up and jumped into the back with Rusty by my side.

The morning greeted me with a steady drizzle and I lifted up Bucky's Tail Gate to get some shelter as I put the billy on.  I was excited to be on the road again but the cold reminded me of the warmth that Sara provides.  After breaking camp and exploring an old village I traveled to Port Albert, a magic port, off the highway.  I tried my hand a fishing with no success so had eggs on toast instead.

A few more hundred kms and I was in Snow country and camped besides the river during the day after a long night of driving.  A few extra hundred kms and I found some more awesome free camps and meet a bloke called Wazza who had a small dog and invited me to meet the other campers.  Rusty enjoyed the walk along the bridge.  More Kms and power naps here and there as I had a girl (Sara) to reach.

Then during my journey at night Bucky started making strange noises.  Just out of Ulludulla the dreaded heater gauge when off the charts.  A broken radiator!  Thankfully I had full cover so got 3 free nights of accomodation at this beautiful holiday spot.

Once Bucky was fixed we traveled to Kangaroo Valley and sleeped with the nocturnal Wombats. (Free Camping).​

Once again Bucky decides to breakdown this time in Newcastle, but lucky it was just a loose battery terminal and the luke warm free showers here at the Baths, are kinda cold, not luke warm.

OK Off to Bulahdelah Lions Park to sleep the night and then a sing along with randoms playing guitars. (The streets of london).  Finally entered Queensland and just a little bit further I see the Queensland Pyramid on a dirt track off the highway just near the border. 

I load up on doggie pooh bags as NSW doesnt provide them.

Finally after a few more free camps made it to Toowoomba where my Princess resides.

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