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Bucky Diary Feb 2019

Our Van called Bucky spent the second week getting some modifications and is having a rest at home.  I have booked him in for a full auto service. 

I still cannot believe, that I am not working for a year and I get to travel in Bucky.

I've installed an internal clothes line and bought a collapsible strainer from ALDI.  I have also finally got the guitar to fit without taking up to much room, underneath the bed.  I am very pleased with the amount of stuff I have managed to get in this small space.  Who knows, I might write a song.  LOL.  Now I have something to do in the bush.  Strum Strum Strum.

Wife is going to get an extra basket for clothing and I am going to just try and use just one basket for all my clothing.  This will be a hard task.  But being in the Navy should help me with minimal locker space.

Week Two


Foldable Colander

Internal Clothes Line


Bucky Adventure Fun Facts

Total Distance Traveled  130 Kms

Money Spent this week:  $216.00

Total Money Spent:  $392.00

Best Place for the week:

-Home Parked in the Driveway. Good Shower.

-Worked on Van and arranging items inside.


Data Communication: $20 Per week

Petrol: $0

Food: $180

Misc: $16

Accomodation: $ Nil

Where is Bucky?

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