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Bucky Diary

June 2019 Week 20


Bucky the Van Leaves Queensland and enters NSW.

We decided to visit Byron Bay and using Wiki Camp App found some free parking.  Had a coffee here and found a drug item on the beach.  I will need to remove the residue as have been advised you can get charged if they detect drugs in it.

Guess where we went next?  Nimbin.

Not for that reason but to say we saw this strange community.  Actually the community was nice except for some young crackheads trying to bully people.

We stayed at the Showgrounds which was safely guarded by a hippy.  We meet a german couple and  an older aussie guy, in a colourful outfit.  During the night we sat around the campfire and talk while they smoked weed (We kindly declined the peace joint).

I was able to get a few guitar songs in and relax.

We then traveled to Coffs Harbour and attended a church meeting and got a free Church Meal given to first time visitors.  We have been invited back for a lunch from one of the attendees on Wednesday.  We also spent a few nights at Timberville, a small pioneer theme place.  IGA was close by the butcher gave Rusty a free bone to chew on.  Such a lovely place.  Free Firewood and only $10.

In the morning we Traveled further down to Kurri Kurri (Free Camp) and then next morning to Morrisett Showgrounds where we played card games everynight with various caravan people.  We learnt Rummy and Crown card games.

Next stop as we entered Gosford was our Niece's place and she provided a perfect spot to park our Van in a gated appartment complex.  Had dinner and fished with her boyfriend and caught up with my eldest brothers children.  Next morning we did Yoga with her and Sara joined me (So glad to have Sara join me).  The following night we had an enormous roast at my other ex-sister in law and they offered to babysit our little boy (Rusty) for a week.  Also got to visit my eldest brother for an afternoon tea and had Nun Cookies and scones as he had just got back from a long walk in Spain.

The last morning we left and we went to Gosford Leagues with Rusty's babysitters and lost $10 on the pokies.  You cannot win all the  time.  Parked Bucky at the Blue Emu carpark at Sydney airport for the week.

Byron Bay


Found this buried in Sand at Byron

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