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Bucky Diary

June 2019 Week 21


We take a plane to Perth for Sara Dad's 90th Birthday via Tigerair.  It was a little squashed and a very bumpy journey (Stormy weather).  My birthday happens to fall on the same days as my wife's fathers.  Our son picked us up at the airport and the house has still tidy.  Was nice to see Oli so content but still playful as ever.

Next day had a wonderful catchup with our immediate family and saw Tayla's new outdoor work which she was excited to reveal.  Looks like Oli finally has the grass he needs to make his stay comfortable and of course up to his standards he also needs access to the bedroom for when he gets cold..  For dinner we had curry and I made a rodi to complement the culinary delights.

Another night we got to meet the boyfriends parents and had a lovely coffee a Jezebels.  Not the best name for a coffee place.

Was nice to see how settled Oli was and it appears each time we come back he becomes a little less playful.  But he still has a naught streak that he cannot resist at times.

The big event came (90th) and with a fancy night dinner in Nedlands, we ate like kings and queens (Gotta be politically correct).  It was good to see some familiar faces and after the event was over I noticed the onset of a flu (Sudden change in body temperature).

We got home and have been resting ever since.

The FLU. 

Cancelled the flight and will now leave on Thursday instead of Monday as planned.  Should give me enough time to re-energise (Rest Heat and Fluids). 

I didn't realise that we would be making so many journeys back to Perth to meet all the social expectations.  The cards just happen to fall on major milestones that we could not miss. It's these little unforeseen circumstances that we didnt account for in our budget. And the sickness meant more expenses re-arranged flights and parking fees,  But we will soldier on.

God always has a reason for close and open doors.  His timings are perfect.

This little guy brings me joy


This little dog is stayed with me during my flu

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