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Bucky Diary

July 2019 Week 25


Bucky was keen to visit Cairns.  And after a short drive we arrived on the Esplanade to a beautiful walk and lots of people out enjoying this holiday destination.  The council provides a free pool and it had a great atmosphere.  We visited the Casino for free coffee and air-conditioning and then stealth camped outside the backpackers accomodation.  Ssshhhh no noise or light...

We also visited the Lush Rainforest Botanical Gardens (No dogs)

After another day in Cairns we made our way inland.  First stop was Catch a barra campsite.  This place had a weird vibe to it with lots of backpackers who seemed to have permanent residence in sheds with various tents.  It seemed like a druggy place.  We stayed one night and was glad to leave early the next morning. At east we got our washing done and out to dry with my make shift clothes line.

Next free camp was a war War memorial for one night.  The bull dust was so powdery - Rusty actually had red paws after walking around.  We saw the milky way and another falling star.  I played my guitar and Sara did her crosswords.

Next day we had a shower at the fuel station at Georgetown and free camped again at the Cumberland historic chimney, mine and dam site.  The lake was full of bird life and I can now identify an apostle bird.  Called this as they generally are in groups of 12.

After a good night sleep I realised why the road was so unkept and narrow.  We had taken the scenic Savanna Way.  I went to the northern tip of Queensland to fuel up at  Normanton.  A fishing town with a few fuel bowsers as it would be about 380km until our next cheap fuel stop which was on the correct highway at a place called Cloncurry.  We passed via Mount Isa after getting supplies and camped at another roadside area as it was getting close to dusk.  The colour of red is in every rock and mineral here and feels so dry and dusty.

We made our way to a campsite as it was time for a treat.  Banka Banka provided hot showers and green grass for Rusty.  We fixed the lady next door to us DVD in her campervan,  Little did we know tomorrow we would be finding her 30kms up the road with the water tank having fallen down.  This campsite had a good atmosphere and we joined the grey nomards around the campfire and discussed various campsites and adventures. We did a 5km walk to a waterhole and felt a little lost on the way back.  But then saw familiar landmarks.  Phew..

Left at about 10am as was in no rush and after seeing Dianne on the side of the road in her new motorhome broken down, we decided to assist again.  I strapped her water tank to the strong points underneath and had just finished, when the owner from the roadhouse (Renner Springs Desert Inn) up the road turned up. A truckie who Diane had been able to contact by using her UHF radio had notified them she had broken down).  Alan, the owner and his friend Barry, were impressed with my work.  They offered me a job at Renner Springs.  Which I accepted.  They had just lost 2 workers the day before.



Free Pool - Too early for morning swim

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