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Bucky Diary

August 2019 Week 28 Northern WA

Rusty our 12yr old Tenterfield Terrier is not coping with the travel anymore.  Bucky is now heading back to home to Perth quickly.  Rusty has had a few little seizures and they are becoming quite frequent now.  About 1 every 2 days.  We think the heat and the road noise is stressing him out.  He wants to go home.  

We can tell by looking at him that he is over the Bucky Van Adventure.  Oh Well.

First stop Port Hedland with its very mining focus with red soil and mining structures all around.  The outlook from the port is great with new toilets and a prime viewing platform.  From here we travelled towards Exmouth having a quick overnighter in a free campsite off the road.  Love the white gums and red soil.

Exmouth is home to the Big Prawn, we visited the beach and watched the surf before heading off to Karratha. An overnighter in the petrol station (just out of Karratha) with free showers and then in the morning we went into the town, to look around and look for Aboriginal drawing and artefacts.  Sara found one first on a rock. We went to the beach, lazing in the van before visiting Dampier for the Red Dog statue and pic with Rusty. In the evening we had a lovely meal and catch up with Terry, Tayla's boyfriend's Dad, who works in Karratha. 

At the end of the day, we slept another night at the petrol station just out of Karratha and next day headed off to Carnarvon.

On the way to Carnarvon we decided just to see Coral Bay.  We loved it so spent a night in the caravan park there.  Good Coral reef right on the beach,  I did some snorkelling and we got a pie and cake from the local bakery, very reasonably priced. 


We made our way to a $5.50 camp on a beach just outside of Carnarvon..  This beach was the most isolated beach campsite yet.  And we could drive right onto the beach.  The next morning we travelled to Geraldton snapping a pic at Northhampton St Joseph's Catholic Primary School on the way, which was my first post after finishing my teaching degree.  We stopped at Jurien Bay and went for a walk along the jetty and then continued down to Perth.  On the way I found a secret 72 hour free campsite a Cliff Head with brand new toilet facilities.  Right on the beach.  Never knew this place existed.

Got home and Dogs had a play fight as so happy to see each other.  Rusty's random fits have finished.  So it must of been the stress of being in a small van and bumpy roads.

Sara & I coped really well and thoroughly enjoyed our travels around our beautiful country.  Met some lovely people, made new friends, reconnected with family and old friends. No arguments for the 6 months, so it looks like 25 years of marriage has proven the test of time.

Cleaning out Bucky for some local adventures here in beautiful W.A.

Red Dog


Rusty is just not into it

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