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Bucky Diary Feb 2019

Our Van Bucky spent the third week getting some major engine servicing done and he is still resting at home.  I got the timing belt and water pump changed, all belts replaced and a major service as well as new spark plugs and rocker cover gasket, as was leaking oil into the spark plugs. This set me back around $1200.  But if the timing belt broke it would cause major engine damage.  You are meant to get it done every 90,000kms.  I went to Al's Automotive in Kelmscott and was very happy with the quality of service I got.  I would recommend him if your wishing to get your van checked before doing the Big Lap, 

I have been sleeping in Bucky, in the front yard, with Ollie ocassionally, and this dog, keeps a mean watch.  Sits up most of night peering out the one way windows.  He woke me up, growling multiple times at the cat next door.  The strange thing is this.  I sleep better in Bucky than in my own bed.

Bucky is waiting for wife to finish caring for her father. In the meantime, I have some odd jobs around home, to keep me busy.  Side Fence Installation ($97), Security Camera Installation ($299) and small modifications on Bucky.

This Boat is taking a while to launch.

Where is Bucky?

Week Three


Timing Belt Replacement

Bucky Adventure Fun Facts

Best Place for the week:

-Home Parked in the Driveway. Good Shower.

-Major Mechanical Work on Van


Distance Traveled This Week:  10km

Total Distance Traveled  140 Kms


Money Spent this week:  $1415

Total Money Spent:  $1,807.00

Spending Breakdown:

Data Communication: $20 Per week

Petrol: $0

Food: $160

Misc: $65

Mechanical: $1,200

Accommodation: $ Nil

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