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Bucky Diary Feb 2019

Looks like our van Bucky is spending the fourth week at home, again.  I have completed the side fence and installed security cameras at  home. Guess we can watch our grown up family and my crazy guard dog - Ollie, if we get bored on the road - Not!.  Big Bucky is watching you.

Got a manual coffee maker for the serious coffee drinker (Sara).  As wife likes the cream and this one takes nespresso capsules and you pump it manually to get the correct 8 bar pressure.  Cost around $59, but when your in the outback it is priceless to have a good coffee. If your interested in one, this is where I got mine:

Hopefully weekly cost will be cheaper once we get on the road, as I have budgeted for $250 per week.

In the meantime I will continue to download my Spotify Offline Road trip songs and Netflix offline Movies.  Yes I have got 'Country Road'

Another Big expense.  Rusty got his dental work done and it cost $1000.  So we are at home waiting for him to pickup.  Guess it's a travelling expense as we want him to be healthy, live long and not have bad breath in such close quarters.

Where is Bucky?

Week Four

Wacaco Coffee.jpg

Wacaco - Alternative Brewing

Bucky Adventure Fun Facts

Best Place for the week:

-Home Parked in the Driveway. Good Shower.


Distance Traveled This Week: Nil

Total Distance Traveled: 140km


Money Spent this week: $1,320 

Total Money Spent:  $3,127

Spending Breakdown:

Data Communication: $20 Per week

Petrol: $0

Food: $ 170

Misc: $ 130

Mechanical: $

Accommodation: $ Nil

Pet Dental Cost:  $1000

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