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Bucky Diary Mar 2019

Our Van Bucky spent the 5th week at home while I got some fast surgery on an existing Skin Cancer that Lazer treatment 5 weeks ago, had not solved.  

I told the Dr that I am leaving this week, as I am not waiting around anymore.  He immediately booked me in to have it cut out.  The Dr took out an extra large chunk, to ensure that he had it all.  It was freaky looking at that huge chunk of bright red tissue floating in the clear fluid of the specimen jar, while talking about the Movie Queen.  The nurse jokingly said' "At least you will not weigh as much".  After that surgery I was thinking that as the body ages it starts to break down and how lucky was I to get off the treadmill, for awhile to travel while I still have breath.

I will get stitches removed once we get to Adelaide or Melbourne and will keep the Dr updated on the healing progression.  If your wanting a good clinic that bulk bills go to the one in Bibra Lake, W.A.  The Mole Patrol.

So all lights are green as my wife has started packing her clothing, for the trip.  A few set backs, but at least we are not being rushed.  As low stress is the best way to travel.  I follow a "doors open and close" mindset.   As we are not ultimately in control of our life.  There are spiritual forces at play, but that's another subject.

Also removed the guitar as needed more room underneath for clothing.  And I can always karaoke using the internet instead of strumming and this way Sara can join me.  As the singers can be turned up so our vocals sound better.

I am getting a feeling it is going to cost about $500 a week and have now re-budgeted for this.  Initially thought $250 per week.  But being at home has shown how quickly we have been using up funds.  Better look for work out there.

Added a few Car Magnets to Bucky, being white they blend in.  And they give him a little bit of character and it may help with odd jobs around Australia.

Green Lights - Yippee

Next weeks update should have us somewhere in Western Australia heading to Tasmania.

Week Five

The Mole Patrol.png

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Bucky Adventure Fun Facts

Best Place for the week:

-Home Parked in the Driveway. Good Shower.


Distance Traveled This Week:  10km

Total Distance Traveled  140 Kms


Money Spent this week:  $415

Total Money Spent:  $3,542

Spending Breakdown:

Data Communication: $20 Per week

Petrol: $40 (Car at home)

Food: $160

Misc: $235

Accommodation: $ Nil

Where is Bucky?

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