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Bucky Diary Mar 2019

WA To Tasmania

Melbourne Ferry Terminal in Lighting speed: (Nullarbor/Adelaide/Melbourne)

Bucky faces the harsh Nullarbor and zips across to Adelaide in record time. On the 90km longest stretch of road, we saw numerous dead kangaroos on the side of the road!  On Sunday 17th Sara's birthday, whilst driving, we saw a huge shooting star. An amazing sight!, Unfortunately didn't get to capture it on mobile! Then on Monday, whilst driving through the  town of Wyalla, we saw in the distance a 'willy willy'. We thought it might of been a car crash, but as we got closer we could see the red dust swirling across the dry paddock.

We were on a mission and reached Adelaide faster than planned. We parked Bucky at our friend Peter's house in South Gawler for two days and enjoyed his kind hospitality. Peter took us on a  tour of the Barossa Valley and the usual wine tasting that goes with that adventure. Also had a yummy pub lunch and a game of pool

We were surprised when the vet charged us a total of $2 for Rusty Certificate of Worming, signed by the vet. A requirement for our Tasmania Crossing.  Found out that Rusty likes the vet supplied cat food that hid the tablet.

Then feeling refreshed ,we were on the road again to Melbourne via Warrnambool, where Sara lived for a year in the early 70's. We arrived at Cranbourne, where a friend Clinton put us up in an Airbnb and shouted us for dinner at an Indian restaurant followed by Ice cream to Sara's delight.

Our van was above the 2.1 Metre Height for ferry to Tasmania, so Clinton grinded off the bolts and I dropped the solar panel down and it just got under the 2.1 metre requirement. 

The Indian culinary experience continued the following night with a home cooked curry that was worthy of me having seconds at Clinton's Planet Shaker friends home..

We left early in the morning refreshed and parked at the Ferry Terminal awaiting the Tasmania Spirit (Car Ferry). 

Will be good to slow down the pace of driving for the next month as we explore Tasmania

Week 7 Norseman


Beginning of Eyre Highway

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