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Bucky Diary Mar 2019


After much waiting in a line we finally entered the Spirit of Tasmania.  We had smooth sailing and a free coffee thanks to lady at cashier saying don't worry about it.

We arrived during the night and collected a timid Rusty from the kennel.

Upon departure we drove for around 30min and found a free camp at a country oval for the night around Devonport.  Then we travelled to Gravelly Beach and cooked up some salmon and dutch potatoes near the water.  Then it was off towards Hobart.  We found Oatlands on the way and stayed two nights with its $2 hot shower and historic buildings.  Woke to a cool 3deg morning and walked 14km around the lake and played pool in the RSL.  Next we got ourselves refreshed with accomodation for 2 nights at some dear friends of Sara's who live near Hobart. We used this as a base for a trip to Port Arthur for the day which is a sad and historical site.  Upon arriving back we went out for dinner. We ate at Jacks Loves Red and left in the morning to venture into the wilderness at Cockle Bay for 2 nights where I caught 5 fish off the beach (4 Whiting and 1 Flathead).  After much walking up and down the beach we headed off to Hobart Casino and had a free hot beach shower.  At night we stayed at another free camp spot behind the Buckland Inn as too many wallaby near misses.  Then in the morning toured to Triabunna, a small fishing town with a free camp behind pub.  And downloaded a heap more Netflix movies to watch during the night.

Week 8 - Tasmania Ferry


We are onboard and heading to Tassie

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