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Bucky Diary April 2019


Bucky the Van takes in the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania.  We free camped for two nights at Maryfield Conservation Park with ocean views.  We always seem to get a great spot with the smaller van.

Went for a long walk along the beach.  Beautiful sunny day, the sand soft and white.  I went fishing and caught a large fish, not sure what type but it was very tasty.  Been using chicken as my preferred choice of bait as it stays on the hook longer.  I swam in the icy cold waters (free bath).

Early in the morning did our usual morning walk and left camp site early again.  We came across an unusual lookout called Devils Corner on the way to Bicheno.  Had a coffee and blue berry muffin, just out the oven.  On way back to van I was talking to Sara about wine tasting. Lady from the winery, must of overheard us, as invited us in for a tasting.  She said doesn't understand how people can drink wine so early in the morning.  The view from the lookout was breathtaking.

We then camped in Bicheno and did our washing at Seaview Caravan park and cooked up a huge vegetable soup.  The next morning we travelled through St Helen's after stopping for fish and chips at Skippers Restaurant overlooking the pier and beach.  We then free camped up at the Bay of Fires for 2 nights.  Just as we arrived a van pulled out and we got an up and close ocean view spot again. I set up the awning and my hammock and practiced doing nothing.

The oceans waves lulled us to sleep and we awoke in the morning to walk this beautiful section of Tassie.  A good workout with all the rock climbing. The Red moss on the rocks gives this area a unique look and most likely it's name.  The sand was more crunchy and my feet got a free exfoliation.  While here I saw a special for St Helens - Big 4 Caravan Park and booked the WikiCamp Deal as our 25th wedding anniversary is nearing on the 9th April.

Week 9 - Tasmania


Rusty embraces the Sun at Maryfield free camp

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