July 2022 Week 1

Spent the week at work. 

I work in IT as a school support officer so maybe about to use these skills for work on the road.  Such as setting up reverse camera for Caravans. 


Count down begins.  Only 1 week of work after this and then I am set free for 6 months.  Took the Van in for a 10,000km  Service.  Fixed a diesel leak too, which was covered under warranty.  I will continue to get serviced every 10K as it is better for the engine.

I must pack about a litre of oil and some coolant in my Van Service bag incase I has to top up during the journey.


I Have decided to produce atleast one youtube video every week of the journey.  This will require me to allocate 30min per day in media creation time.  I have downloaded a habit app to assist in allocation of time in achieving this goal.

Must be sure to not get caught up in social media but enjoy the outside.  But also want to capture these places and moments to look back on.  That's one thing I like about Facebook (MetaVerse) is they send you reminders of what you where doing at this time last year or 8 years ago.

The Original Bucky


The Old Van that started Vanlife

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