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November 2022
Week 1


This week we spent visiting the city of Melbourne and a place called Frankston near the water.  Both myself and Sara came down with a flu at the end of the week meaning we will be staying a little longer then 2 weeks in Melbourne.

The weather at the beginning of the week has been wet and overcast but is slowly getting warmer and more blue skies are sneaking out from amongst the clouds.

We visited a few RSL clubs and put $5 in the pokies and also enjoyed their free coffees.  Its like little casinos all over the place (Us WA people don't get this choice).

Also had chips with Clinton after visiting the street murals of Frankston.  A quick remembrance trip to The Australian Botanical Gardens in Cranbourne.  We have seen Boxhill the rescue pigeon getting better all the time.  We have been babysitting him while Clinton is a work.  Putting him out on the back lawn and giving him some oats.

So this week was rather laid back and alot of bone broth soups and vitamin C to ensure we don't go down to hard with this flu.

Trip to Frankston Seaside 


Weather didn't stop us

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