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Van Adventures Australia

PRESTON BEACH - Western Australia

Bucky's Maiden voyage was to Preston Beach with our old faithful Rusty the dog and wife in tow. This beach allows 4wd access and was only 90 minutes from Perth. There are toilets and Gas BBQs but No Camping. It's good that Bucky is a Stealth Van.

A good drink of Bourbon and Coke to celebrate Bucky's first trip and a little rest on the concrete seats under the shade.


Feeling like a vagabond.

Looks like the Wife is driving Bucky home.

​Good times.

COOGEE BEACH - Western Australia

Found a nice bit of grass for a swim and coffee. Very hot day so good to be near beach. Asked the wife to trial out the van and explore. Found this beautiful spot. ​Spent the day talking about what it will be like when we decide to launch into our 1 year trip around Australia in 2019

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