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What clothes to Pack for the Big Lap?

It all depends on how you like to travel. I tend to be lazy, so prefer to let my old laundry to buildup, before the big wash. This way I spend less time in laundry mats.

I have 3 empty containers given for this. The reason is so we each have our own clothing container. Don't wanna accidentally wear wife's clothing. The third container is a shared shoe container as I don't want dirt from shoes getting on our clothes.

My Container (Have no idea what wife has packed)

10 Undies

8 T-shirts

3 black tracksuit type pants (With Pockets)

1 Good trousers

1 Good short sleeve shirt

1 Black belt

1 Rain Jacket

1 Beanie

1 Puffy Jacket

1 Soft Jacket

Hint: By rolling all of these you will gain enough space to make it all fit.

Shared Shoe Container:

1 pair runners (Mine)

1 pair of good shoes (Mine)

(I will be wearing my thongs in the showers and around the place)

1 pair of runners (Wife)

1 pair of good shoes - Wrapped in plastic bag (Wife)

1 Big blue dog blanket (As spare space)

Hint: I put 6 pair of socks inside the shoes

These plastic containers are on wheels and roll nicely under the bed giving easy access.

The wife wanted a bigger rain jacket And after much saying to her, "It will not fit", We found a place to put it -behind her passenger seat.

If we find we have too many clothes will drop off at op shop. But I wanna stay fresh so prefer more then less.

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