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What's my Bucket List?

If you where going to die in 2 years what would you change in your life today? It is this thinking about death that gave me the motivation to examine my bucket list before an illness makes items in the bucket list un-achievable. There are two things that came to mind as I pondered on my bucket list. I always wanted to travel Australia and I always wanted to retire early and go live on a farm. The only thing working against the fulfillment of these dreams is a limited time frame and myself acting like a brick and making excuses as to why I have to stay in the wall of life cemented by others opinions. ​The first on the bucket list is to travel before old age sets in or a chronic illness prevents me from exploration. This website is dedicated to that first item. The van was given the named Bucky, as he came from my bucket list. Now if I enjoy the Bucky Adventures I will look at upgrading to a stand-up van, like a Mercedes Sprinter. But at this stage, I don't want to over spend, just in-case this is another fad of mine, perhaps it will be, but one must take the journey or get stuck in the system of the world that says you need to be sensible and work until your life is totally zapped and then your bucket list is just a reminder of a failure to launch. It is my hope that this site will encourage those boats that are near the shore but are worried about possible storms or have been pulled further onto the shore by well meaning friends. You will face resistance, you will be looked at as some freak. But I would take heart and follow the wise old Nike Slogan "JUST DO IT"

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