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How to have an Expresso with Crema while free camping

Was hoping to just pack the Nespresso Machine and run it off my battery but looking at the wattage of these electronic machines it seems I will flatten my battery very quickly.

My wife said no coffee no adventure.

So after much research I have found a non electric coffee machine that uses hand power to build up pressure to get that perfect brew.  Will most likely purchase one and practice at work for a year before the Big Trip.

Its appropriately called the Nomad and although plastic looking is well made.  At around $300 it could be a sweet investment.  Added bonus of No noise if stealth camping and having a morning brew :)

Buy Direct from Supplier or Amazon.

 Another New kid on the block is the NowEspresso.  This little device runs off a Lithium battery and is fully automated.  And it take Nespresso caps.  Still need a device to froth milk.

Costs around $200 and starts shipping in Feb 2018

But a simple solution, at low cost, is to buy cappacino satchets and use a hand whizzer to help get all the lumps out and get a frothy coffy.   This is the one I will go with for now.

Low mess. Quick and includes powdered milk and sweet to taste.

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