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What to Pack for a Van Adventure

What to bring? I am going to take many small trips this year to work out what i use and what I dont use.

Here is the list so far:

- Picnic Rug (Grass is itchy)

- Snorkel Set

- Guitar (Cannot find room - May have to leave at home)

- Camper chairs (Good Quality ones)

- Alcohol Stove (Safe Option and long lasting fuel) using cheap propane bottle ones instead very bad for the environment. But cheap stove only $30

- Laptop (big screen - offsite Netflixs and Spotify) - Got the Lenovo tablet instead of Laptop for this as has GPS Offline too.

- Fishing Rod and Crab nets (Auto - Fishing traps) - Might pass on Crab nets getting less and less room in Van.

- LED Bright Light (Safety)

- Basin to wash in (Pop up)

- Comfy Doona and lots of pillows (Too many Pillows)

- Rope (Parachord)

- Tool Box

- Electric Drill Battery Powered

- Camp Mats (Keep Dirt out of Van) - Got Kings Matt instead behind seat.

- Hammock (Light and small - Luxury)

- Nespresso Coffee Machine and Frother (Business and Pleasure) - No Coffee machine in this little van

- Dog Blanket (comfort Rusty)

- LED Lighting (Cheap and light)

- Spare Jerry Can (Under Camper Emergency). Decided against as too dangerous (Fumes and Explosive)

- Solar Shower

- Shower Tent (To difficult to setup)

- 4 Person Tent (Very nice to standup away from Van and flys)

- Aluminium Table (Two Tables)

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