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Alternative Lifestyles -Chiang Mai?

Work 3 months in a Western World then spend 9 months in Chaig Mai or another cheap Third World country. Or sell insurance online, face to face tutoring online via Skype or teach English overseas to name a few travel jobs.

When your 50 years you can get a Thai Retirement visa that lets you stay for 1 year and you just keep renewing. You must have $25,000 in the bank to keep renewing the visa. Saves trips to Cambodia to renew visas (approx $50)

Why Chaig Mai?

- Lovely people

- Amazing Thai food

- Warm and bright weather (Good for depressive type people)

- Lots of Cheap Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

- Good for your health

- Adventure

- Cheap Rent $100 per month

We can easily live there for $300 per month (Accommodation and Food).

Anyway that is more in the future at the moment I am keeping my focus on living on the road for $1000 per month around Australia.

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