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Luxury - Change Room for Campervan?

Being in a small van has its issues. And one of these is the difficulty of getting into your jeans while crouched on your bed in a van with little head room.

The simple solution to this issue is a fast setup tent and coleman has a tent that seems to fit the requirements. Its over 6ft tall so will easily allow me to stand and dress and even shower in it if necessary. Some times its good to take a naked shower rather then the public swimming wear routine for outdoor washing. And it is the perfect place to put the porta loo when staying a spot for a long time.

The Coleman does weight more then most tents but perhaps it is better quality, time will tell. It will be used for sleeping in if we want a change from sleeping in the van. Having comfy IKEA bed from the van will ensure a great glamping experience.

This is the one I am currently deciding if to purchase is around $299 from Anaconda.

The fast setup and pack away will be an advantage on the road to minimize effort and save time.

After some further research I have decided to purchase the darkroom version (Coleman Instant Up Darkroom 4P Tent Grey, Blue & Lime) from Anaconda as there is a store close by and this will make for an easy return should the product not live up to its review. This will block out more sunlight and keep the tent cooler and it is a 4 Person tent with 190cm height and 13.9kg in weight. Online youtube videos seem to make it seem easy to put and and pack away. And it should match the awning being a grey colour. This will keep the wife happy, as decor is important to girls.

This tent will give us the freedom to camp at Tent only sites and give us more freedom to camp under a tree in hard to reach vehicle areas. Or on the beach should the weather be hot or humid and inside the van be too uncomfortable to sleep.

I have also decided on a under 4kg shower tent. This can be connected to the awning to give it added strenght and is quick to setup as it is sprung steel. It cost me $99 from Anaconda. So happy to have a place to plop and shower. Has a little hole near the top to allow the shower hose. I will also get the tent later, as its a nice luxury to have.

I have replaced the portaloo as space is limited in the van. So under the sink I know have space for4x 10 litre Water Containers instead. As most places have toilets we will instead bring this emergency only toilet (Fold-up) that will nicely snap to the back door as it is very light and compact.

When you working on your Van build you are always coming up with better solutions.

After great difficulty closing the shower tent -- it is not coming on our journey. But the tent still is. And the portaloo is now also coming placed between our seats as older people, can not hold it in at 2am when your in the suburbs (Stealth Camping). Will still use the foldout one with a freshly dug hole in the ground, as I don't like squatting, when out in the bush.

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