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Supa-Wing 270 Degree Wrap Around Awning - Australian Made

Purchased a Supa-Wing Awning from Perth Gumtree for $400. Normally cost around $1,000. So I had to install the aluminium roof racks in order to hold this awning which bolts nicely into the grooves of the roof rack.

The 270 degree awnings provides shade around the van and makes it easy to access the front sliding door and rear door without getting wet on rainy days.

This awning was only used once and came with a mozzie net that attaches to the side awning. Will make modifications to the mozzie net to allow the side door to be opened during the night.

The awning is easy to setup and backup. Although in windy conditions it will be a two man job to prevent the awning being blown back over the van and the ensuring damage to the patented pole mechanism.

It a little more quality then what I would normally purchase so it should last the trip with ease.

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