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Point Heron Campsite WA

A turn up and hope its not busy site right on the Peel region estuary.  The care taker Les keeps the place running in top condition.  Only $7.50 per person and room for caravans.  Being only 60 mins from Perth its a great get away.  And your furry friend is welcome.  On lead of course.  Great spot to scoop net some blue manners if you like crabs.

We spent Labour day long weekend here to test out Bucky's ability to sleep with wife and dog.  Doing test runs before the big 1 year trip around Aust.  We now know we need a seat between us for our furry friend.  So gotta build me a fold up version. Also some bike drink holders to keep our water bottles near us when driving.

Lucky to get a shady spot with views

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