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LWOP - Ready to Launch 2019

Bucky the Van is itching to travel.  I have 1 Week of work left and then I am on 1 year of, leave without pay, thanks to an understanding workplace.

The Van has most modifications completed

List of things to do:

- Buy Portable BBQ plate place it behind drivers seat (Kings)

- Download entire Owl City and TobyMac on Spotify

- Buy canvas bag for floor mat

- Install secondary fan vent front of van.

- Bait pump (clamp under roof racks or vehicle).

- Hammock in PVC pipe with Beach Towels

- Two adjustable chairs (Store under roof rack)

- Water filter (add to existing electric system under sink)

- Install cutlery holder near door

- Magnetic knife holder near sink

- 4 to 5 Jar holders off roof shelf unit (cereal, brown rice, small packs spices)

- Get Rusty wormed for Tasmania dog import requirements

- Get Van fully Serviced 1 Month before Nullaboor crossing

- Buy battery milk mixer thingy (Bought via Ebay)

- Spare Kings awning other side

I am planning on doing some solo trips down South first to test out the Van and then fine tune the Vanlife procedures. And I will bring a notebook (electronic) to develop a list of does and don'ts. This way my wife will not have to experience as many dont's. Like don't forget to Fill up with fresh water before you get to your destination. Or don't wear white clothing, as it shows the dirt. 

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