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Mobile Clothes Line

Today I installed a clothes line inside the van. As when you travelling you may have clothes that still need to dry and hence the need to have the clothes still drying inside. One thing you will need to think about is moisture. Mold is ugly for your van and unhealthy so make sure it is well ventilated. I have a Maxxi Fan and a vent in the front of the van so air flow is adequate. Hopefully the cloths are dry by the night time, as otherwise you will need to sleep under your clothing

It is easy to do. Just get some $10 clothes line from Bunnings and a couple of screws and position the line against the screw. Taking up the slack. You will noticed I used a cable management tie to hold it in place. And the sticky didn't stay so I used the screw to keep the cable management mould in place. Now have left over clothes line I can use under awning too.

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