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The List  -  Make Money on the Road

There is a need to pay for fuel and food to keep the adventure alive. Here I list some ideas that may assist you in funding your adventure:

Travel Blog

Coffee (No food license required)

E-commerce (Drop Shipping)

Selling Pancakes (All Dry ingredients)

Wifi Reversing Cameras for Vans

Free IT Advise (To draw people in - Using you existing skills)

Free Lesson (101 Computing - Sell coffee at the event - Increase subscribers to blog)

Sell USB Fans (Very hot in Australia)

Sell Services (Dog Sitting)

Window Washing

Cleaning Service

Austudy when funds are below $10,000 (online course)

Fruit picking

House Sitting

Event work (Country Shows) etc...

Fishing (Catching your own food)

Teach English Online.

Take out a loan and Uber when you get home to pay it back.


- Online Store (For Credit Card Payments) - LED VAN SIGN - WHITE BOARD - Laser Printer - Business Cards

- Van Magnets (VAN Coffee and Chocolate) - SuperWombat Australian Online Store - Invoice Book

- Fairy Lights to set atmosphere

- Blinds Pull down? for back drop for Coffee Shop as well as fold up backdrop.

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